Tyson Kidd Expresses Interest In Opening A Wrestling School

Tyson Kidd.

During a recent interview with the Dropkick Podcast, Tyson Kidd discussed the possibility of opening his own wrestling school alongside wife Natalya.

The couple already have a training facility where numerous WWE Superstars have passed through in recent times to sharpen their skills, and it seems something more official could be in the offing.

Responding to a question about potentially opening a wrestling school Kidd said;

“It’s definitely something I’ve put a lot of thought into, and I continue to put a lot of thought into. Eventually, I would say that my answer would be “yeah.” Eventually, I will open up probably a wrestling school. Obviously, the timing is a little weird in terms of… the world is just in a weird spot. We’re still in a weird spot. Right now, everybody that comes to the ring, we’re all tested all the time, so there’s that. I wouldn’t want to put anybody in harm’s way if somebody’s not tested and we’re coming and training… But when things get a little more normal it’s definitely something… like I said, I’ve put a lot of thought into it already. My answer, I guess, would be yes, I just don’t know exactly when. I’d have to sit down and really break down the curriculum and how I would do it.”

Tyson Kidd has wealth of wrestling experience both in and outside of the ring which would undoubtedly be invaluable to any wrestler starting out. The former WWE Tag Team Champion was forced to retire in 2015 following a serious neck injury he sustained in a dark match on Raw, but has since been working behind the scenes as a producer.

Alongside all of the knowledge that Kidd gained throughout his career, he was also trained at arguably the most famous wrestling school in the world, The Dungeon. Founded by Stu Hart, The Dungeon was the training ground for likes of Bret and Owen Hart, Chris Jericho and Lance Storm and many, many more. Having trained at such an iconic venue, and incredibly successful school, Kidd would be in the perfect position to now pass on the skills and experience he gained there to the next generation.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kidd revealed how he feels that Davey Boy Smith Jr. should re-sign with WWE. Commenting that he has been trying to convince his former tag team partner to return to the company “for a very long time.” Davey Boy is currently a free agent since finishing up with MLW, with rumours being rife that he is set to return to the WWE nine years after departing the company in August 2011.

You can watch the full interview with Dropkick Podcast above, with a h/t to Fightful for the transcription.