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Tyson Kidd Believes Davey Boy Smith Jr. Has Been Gone Too Long

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WWE Producer and former WWE Tag Team Champion, Tyson Kidd, has orated his belief that Davey Boy Smith Jr. should re-sign with WWE.

It’s been nine and a half years since the son of The British Bulldog departed WWE – then wrestling as David Hart Smith – and since plying his trade as a member of The Hart Dynasty alongside Kidd, the star has had a career resurgence in places such as Japan and MLW.

Now a free agent, there has been much talk about where the talent will sign next as he’s been seen in recent months conversing with AEW talent and Tony Khan at a party, as well as having dealings with WWE, filming for his father’s WWE Icons documentary which is incoming on the WWE Network.

His former partner, Tyson Kidd, has spoken to DropKick Podcast about the talent and where he sees him signing next:

“Man, I’ve been trying to convince him to come back for a very long time, and I’ve never left. I’m waiting on this guy to come back. He’s funny. He’s always been this way his whole life and it’s all the credit to him. He kind of always – and I mean this in a positive way – marches to the beat of his own drum, and he does his own thing. He’s not easily swayed, which I really like about him. It’s not like I just talked to him one day and [said] “hey man come back here” and then he goes “okay,” and then comes back and a month later he’s unhappy.

He weighs everything out and he puts a lot of thought into everything he does. I know obviously, [how] the world has changed these last nine months has affected him in terms of, he just hasn’t been wrestling very often. Not until the last bit he had a couple of matches finally, but he’s supposed to go to Japan and stuff and those plans obviously got altered… So where he ends up honestly at this moment, I don’t know. I recorded a thing for, who knows when this will come out, but I recorded for WWE Icons on the Network for Davey Boy. They asked me about Harry and I said hopefully when this comes out he’s back here.”

Davey Boy’s last match under the MLW banner was a loss to Low Ki in the promotion’s Opera Cup. Before that, he fell to MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Jacob Fatu. However, Kidd believes that with a decade’s more experience under his belt, the world is his oyster:

“The sky’s the limit with him. He’s 6 foot 5. He’s third-generation. I believe he’s been gone way too long, for nine years now. In those nine years, I think he’s found himself. I think he’s changed a lot and I think the company has changed a lot. If everything aligns right it could be great synergy. We have so many different branches now. There’s Raw, there’s SmackDown. Both are awesome, but there’s also NXT, and with Harry, there is also NXT UK. There are so many different options for this guy. Maybe he goes and takes over, for example, NXT UK, and then he goes to NXT and takes over. Maybe he goes and starts conquering [all of] these things. I would love for him to come back, but more than anything, whatever is going to make him happy.”

The fact that Kidd even dropped NXT UK into the conversation is a huge boost for the black and red brand. Indeed, a homecoming story – of sorts – that would see Davey Boy coming back to his father’s country to dethrone an unbeatable Austrian for British gold in his dad’s memory would surely be one of the best re-introductions any wrestler could have.

Inside the Ropes will keep you up to date with where Davey Boy Smith Jr. decides to sign his future to.

Credit for the interview: DropKick Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Fightful