Tyson Kid Pitched For Former Champion To Make WWE Return

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Nia Jax was released by WWE in November 2021 and went on to suggest that her wrestling career was over.

However, the former Raw Women’s Champion made a surprise return to action at the 2023 Royal Rumble entering the women’s match at number 30.

Speaking in a new interview with Ring The Belle, Jax opened up about how her return came about and who put her name forward. The star said that after realising she missed performing, she was contacted just over a couple of weeks before the Royal Rumble, noting that it was Tyson Kidd who pushed for her return.

“Tamina was telling me, ‘I’m not sure how many more Royal Rumbles I’m going to have.’ I was told by somebody, ‘We’re not really calling many girls back.’ I was like, ‘That’s weird, a Rumble with no returns. That’s going to be awkward.’ I thought for sure they were going to be calling in some of the girls that left and they’d be coming in.

I was like, ‘You know what, what I really truly miss is getting in the ring and performing.’ I love the fact that I’m not traveling as much and I get to be at home with my family. I’m such a family person, but I miss performing. I said to myself, ‘If they call me, I’ll say yes.’ That’s if they call me.

It was two and a half weeks before Rumble. I was in California at my mom’s house. I wasn’t expecting to be back in Orlando or get in the ring. I didn’t have any gear, nothing. I get a call from the office and they’re just like, ‘Hey, we are planning to have you in the Rumble.’ ‘What? Are you asking me or are you telling me?’ I love TJ [Tyson Kidd]. He’s, hands down, one of the best producers. Fit Finlay and TJ have been huge in making Nia Jax who she is, or was. They are so incredible.

TJ pitched me for it because TJ and I are really cool. When he said that, I’m guessing because he assumed TJ and I are so cool, I was like, ‘Yeah, let’s do this. Let’s go.’ I called my gear people, my boot person, ‘We gotta expedite this,'”

Nia Jax Refuses To Rule Out WWE Return

Despite her previous assertions that she was ready to end her in-ring career, Jax admitted in the same interview that she missed wrestling. The star didn’t rule out getting back in the ring, adding that she still trains with Natalya and Kidd.

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