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Tyler Breeze – “Will I Continue My Wrestling Career? I Don’t Know”

Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze has admitted that he may call time on his in-ring career.

The former NXT Tag Team Champion was released alongside his tag team partner Fandango on June 25th, as WWE continue to trim their talent roster.

Speaking on Twitch, Breeze explained that he’s working on numerous new projects, but that things are also very much up in the air. The former WWE Superstar admitted that he’s unsure whether one of those projects will see him return to the ring.

“What’s the plan for the channel now? That’s what we’re figuring out. We’re ramping back up. I’ll be streaming and we have a lot of stuff to figure out. A lot of stuff is still in the works. I’m setting up my cameo again, I’m just waiting for them to approve it. There’s a lot of stuff in the air that we’re slowly figuring out. You guys will know as I know. We’re firing up ideas for Patreon again. Will I continue my wrestling career? I don’t know, we’ll have to see, I haven’t decided yet,”

Breeze later said that while he was proud of his 11-year run with WWE, but felt that his release may have been coming.

“I was with the company for eleven years. An eleven year run in the biggest wrestling company in the world is a huge thing. Most people are there for three or four years. The fact that I was there for 11, fantastic, more than I could ask for. I don’t know if you’re ever expecting, but from the rumblings, I was like, ‘Yeah, it could happen.’ I’ve been preparing to get fired since the day I got hired. That’s how you have to think about it. You have to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. Are you going to be like, ‘Oh no, I spent all my money and have nothing to show for it’ or are you going to go, ‘Okay, cool, let me figure out what I do from here?’ There are options and a ton of stuff.”

Following his release by WWE, former Women’s Champion Bayley paid tribute to her friend.

Bayley revealed that she used to write “what would Breeze do” on her wrist for matches to help guide her in the ring.

WWE already made several high-profile releases earlier this year with Superstars such as Braun Strowman, Aleister Black and Mickie James leaving the company.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.