Tyler Bate Appears As NXT UK Champion In NXT 2.0… Despite Not Winning The Title

NXT Tyler Bate Bron Breakker

NXT UK star Tyler Bate made a shocking appearance on NXT 2.0, breaking WWE’s continuity in the process!

This past Tuesday, Bron Breakker successfully retained the NXT Championship against JD McDonagh in the main event of NXT Heatwave. After the match, top NXT UK star Tyler Bate surprised everyone by showing up to face off Breakker, setting up a champion vs. champion match in the near future.

But perhaps the bigger surprise was not the invasion of several NXT UK stars itself, but the fact Bate was holding a title he has yet to actually win. Bate is currently set to take part in a tournament for the vacant championship and hasn’t even beaten his first opponent yet on television.

Kenny Williams would call out Bate on Twitter for claiming to be the champion when they are scheduled to face each other in a First Round Match later today.

Ilja Dragunov was forced to relinquish the belt on the August 4 episode of NXT UK after suffering an injury in a match against Wolfgang. In reality, Tyler Bate did become the NXT UK champion on a yet to be aired taping of NXT UK.

However, in a puzzling move, WWE has chosen to throw a wrench into their own continuity by showing Bate with the belt far sooner than he canonically should have, all the while spoiling the result of a tournament that just started last week.

WWE has yet to address the bizarre situation on their site or any social media platform. The undesirable task will most likely fall on the hands of NXT UK commentators Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness.