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More NXT Superstars Reportedly Close To Being Released


Following the latest mass release in WWE on the 4th of November, a new report says several other names were considered to be let go, including two stars on NXT.

WWE released 18 members of their roster on November 4th with former NXT Champions Keith Lee and Karrion Kross, as well as former WWE Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax among those let go by the company.

Since then it has emerged that the reason given to others within the company for the releases is due to budgetary concerns. This has been consistent with what has been said publicly in respect to the slew of other mass releases WWE has undergone this year.

Now Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio has sought to shine more light on the latest round of releases and says that plenty more names were potentially on the chopping block:

“Of all the people that were cut, there were probably about ten others that were in strong discussion about being cut. Pretty much everyone that is not being used well, you know was on the bubble and they were considering cutting.”

“I’m gonna guess when I saw the list of the people looking at originally being cut there were not that a lot of those people that are probably – I can see them being cut. Essentially everyone in NXT that is a veteran that you don’t see on TV, you know all of those guys.”

“Again, they’re trying to get younger, when you talk about people in their mid-30s. Before the idea was that NXT was gonna be this touring brand and they were looking for guys, you know, really good workers to have really good roadshows and now that’s not the idea. The idea is to get young guys in there so you can go look up and down.”

Meltzer then says he thinks the likes of Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa might be immune to cuts on NXT but names two other NXT stars that were “definitely considered” for their release:

“I think that Ciampa and Gargano – well Gargano’s contracts up in a couple of weeks so I shouldn’t say Gargano but Ciampa and a few others might be safe just because they’re kind of legacy stars and you still want them on television just to kind of, ease the transition.”

“Although eventually with the direction they’re going, I mean Ciampa doesn’t fit, they might keep him. But a lot of the other ones like Danny Burch or [Timothy] Thatcher, I’m not saying they’re gonna be cut but they’re on the bubble in the sense that their names were definitely considered also.”

Timothy Thatcher last wrestled for NXT back in August in a losing effort against Englishman Ridge Holland. The 38-year-old star only joined WWE in the spring of 2020, debuting as a replacement for Pete Dunne teaming with Matt Riddle.

Danny Burch is a former NXT Tag Team Champion along with the recently released Oney Lorcan. Burch is in his second spell with WWE having a relationship with the company that stretches back to 2011. The 39-year-old last competed in August alongside Lorcan in a losing effort against MSK.