Two Former Champions Set To Return To WWE (SPOILER)

WWE logo over roster

According to a recent report, two former champions are likely on their way back to WWE!

In late September, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson said “see you later” to IMPACT Wrestling as they said they had business they needed to take care of in New Japan Pro Wrestling. The pair re-joined the Bullet Club back in February, and Anderson is currently the reigning NEVER Openweight Champion. They planned to focus on New Japan through WrestleKingdom in January.

However, according to a new report from PWInsider, the Good Brothers seem to be headed back to WWE and many in the company expect them to make their return to Raw as soon as this month, likely reuniting with their old partner AJ Styles.

The report notes that the pair were spotted with Styles yesterday in Washington, DC, likely filming content for WWE. As AJ Styles has been embroiled in a feud with The Judgment Day in recent weeks with Finn Balor asking Styles to join the group, it makes sense that he’d want to call in some backup from friends he’s worked with in the past.

PWInsider also reports that prior to Vince McMahon’s retirement, the company made multiple overtures toward the former Raw Tag Team Champions when their IMPACT deals were nearing expiration, but talks fizzled out when Gallows and Anderson made it clear that they weren’t interested in returning for anything less than a “high financial premium.”

The pair had a bad experience with the company after re-signing in 2019. They had an opportunity to go to AEW when the promotion was starting up, but instead signed five year deals with WWE only to be released immediately following WrestleMania 36 in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which left them with few options to go anywhere else.

The report continues, noting that because the two sides were far apart on agreeing on money during their most recent conversations, talks stopped before a deal could be reached. However, now that Vince McMahon has retired from the company and Triple H has ushered in a new regime, communication was able to start back up.

During the pair’s most recent run with WWE from 2016-2020, they alluded to their Bullet Club roots and teamed up with AJ Styles to form The Club. They managed to capture the Raw Tag Team Championships twice during that run and also won the WWE Tag Team World Cup in 2019. Gallows had previous runs with the company as both Festus and later Luke Gallows, who joined the Straight Edge Society led by CM Punk in 2009.