Two Iconic WWE Gimmicks Could Return At WrestleMania 39

Rhea Ripley points at WrestleMania 39 sign

While Bray Wyatt’s spooky antics have drawn a mixed reaction in recent weeks, it seems that WWE could be returning to the dark and demonic at WrestleMania 39.

After creating the Judgment Day at WrestleMania 38, Edge was crudely thrown out of the group in June 2022 after Finn Balor joined the faction. The two sides have been at war ever since, with Balor and Edge meeting in a vicious “I Quit” Match at Extreme Rules in October, as the violence also involved Beth Phoenix.

Edge and Phoenix returned to WWE at the 2023 Royal Rumble and renewed hostilities with Judgment Day. Two days later, the fighting continued on Monday Night Raw with chaos breaking out during the main event and opening segment.

Hell In A Cell Set For WrestleMania 39

In the lead-up to the Royal Rumble, it was suggested that Edge and Balor would be settling their differences in a Hell In A Cell match, however, this didn’t end up happening. It has now been reported that the planned Hell In A Cell match could now take place at WrestleMania 39. In addition, it could feature Edge as his old Brood character and Balor as his demon persona.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that a big mixed tag team match at Elimination Chamber could set the table for WrestleMania.

“It also appears Edge & Beth Phoenix would face Finn Balor & Ripley in Montreal, that could lead to the originally planned Edge vs. Balor match for Mania, and perhaps it could be the match first planned for Rumble with Brood Edge vs Demon Balor in a Hell in a Cell.”

Meltzer added that the match at the Rumble was scrapped as Edge was unable to appear on television ahead of the show.

“The reason the at one time talked about Brood Edge vs. Demon Balor Hell in a Cell match at the Rumble didn’t happen is because Edge was filming a television show until this past week and thus couldn’t do the WWE television to build up the match. He was filming “Percy Jackson and The Olympian,” a Disney + series where he will play Ares, the Greek God of War.”

Edge most recently dusted off his former character at SummerSlam where he made a fiery appearance to help The Mysterios. Meanwhile, Finn Balor hasn’t been ‘The Demon’ since losing out to Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules 2021.