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Tucker “Wishes He Said No” To Heavy Machinery Split With Otis

Tucker Otis

Tucker, formerly of Heavy Machinery, has discussed his split with Otis saying he wished he hadn’t done it and was left confused when the former partners never had a match after the break-up.

Tucker and Otis began teaming on NXT in 2016 as Heavy Machinery. Although they never found title success on the black and gold brand, they were a hit with the crowd and debuted on the main roster together at the beginning of 2019. Again going under the radar in terms of success, the duo’s antics were a hit with the WWE Universe with Tucker playing the perfect straight-man for Otis.

Success came for Otis at the Money In The Bank event in 2020 when he won the men’s match and with it the all-important briefcase guaranteeing him a title match. Unfortunately for Otis he never got the chance to cash in that opportunity as he lost the briefcase to The Miz at Hell In A Cell in 2020. Unfortunately for Otis, he lost more than his briefcase on that night as Tucker turned on him to help Miz win the match.

While Otis would still be used on WWE television, this turn marked the beginning of the end for Tucker in the company. On April 15th, 2021 he was released from his WWE contract along with a slew of other talents including The IIconics, Mickie James, and Kalisto.

Now speaking on The OTR Show, Tucker has discussed the turn and how he only found out last minute that it was happening.

Tucker explained:

“I wish I would have said no to hitting him in the head with the briefcase. I didn’t ask the right questions as to what we’d be doing moving forward. The way that it happened, happened. I wasn’t initially booked and then I got called to come to the stadium fairly late and found out about it fairly late. I feel like it happened intentionally so I wouldn’t put my foot down or ask the right questions. That’s on me. I ultimately said yes and did it. What came about from it, came about from it. I’m not trying to put that on anyone else.”

Tucker continued, saying he didn’t understand why there was never a blow-off match between the one-time partners and was also confused that Otis’ other on-screen relationship with Mandy Rose also seemed to just fall by the wayside.

Tucker stated:

“I’m disappointed and I think the communication could have been better. That’s often the case with them. I wish they would have at least…if you’re going to release me anyway, just have him kick my ass in two minutes and let me go. I don’t understand why there was no match. It’s the same thing with him and Mandy. It’s one of the top three or top five storylines of fan investment for the year and you’re just going to put them on separate brands and everyone is okay with the fact that Otis is like, ‘Eh, I guess Mandy doesn’t exist anymore.’ No, who is going to forget about Mandy Rose? Now, he’s a heel anyway. He could have just turned on her.”

Credit: The OTR Show

h/t Fightful for the transcription