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Tucker Was “P*ssed Off” Over Heavy Machinery Break-Up

Tucker Otis

Tucker has spoken out about the break up of his Heavy Machinery tag team with Otis following his recent release from WWE.

Tucker was part of a group of WWE Superstars released from the company on April 15th, 2021. He was let go from the company alongside the likes of Samoa Joe, Mickie James, and The IIconics.

Making his debut in NXT as Tucker Knight in January 2015, Tucker first teamed with Niko Bogojevic in July of 2016. Bogojevic would become Otis Dozovic a few months later and the Heavy Machinery tag team was born. Although the team never found title success on the black and gold brand they did become popular with fans.

Heavy Machinery then made their SmackDown debut in January 2019 in a four-way tag team match. Heavy Machinery faced WWE’s elite tag teams in The New Day, The Bar, and the winners of the bout The Usos. The team took part in the SmackDown Tag Team Title Elimination Chamber match in early 2020, a match that was notable for Tucker’s impressive performance.

Around this time, Otis had developed a storyline that centred around his infatuation with Mandy Rose. True love did not come easy as Dolph Ziggler tried to get between the pair. This resulted in a one-on-one match between Otis and Ziggler at WrestleMania 36 that Otis won. Otis then went on to win the Money In The Bank contract in May. He then lost the contract to The Miz at Hell In A Cell after Tucker shockingly turned on his partner, splitting up Heavy Machinery.

Following his release from WWE, Tucker was responding to fans on social media who were sending him messages of support.

One such fan asked why Heavy Machinery had been broken up, Tucker’s answer was straightforward:

“Who f***ing knows”

A follow-up conversation led Tucker to admit that the move had more than upset him:

“P*ssed me off too dude”

After Heavy Machinery split up Otis began teaming with Chad Gable, the pair are now known as Alpha Academy. Tucker only had four more matches with the company following the pair’s break up.

The Twitter conversation can be found below: