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Tucker Told Vince McMahon “I Am Capable Of So Much More” After RAW Loss


While many Superstars have departed the company this year, one of the common themes emerging in interviews is how difficult it was to get in front of Vince McMahon to get their ideas heard by the boss. That wasn’t a problem for Tucker, who revealed he actually approached the WWE CEO after losing in two minutes on Monday Night RAW.

Tucker, real name Levi Cooper, told Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy how Vince McMahon was a fan of a barbecue gimmick he pitched, while also revealing he confronted McMahon backstage in Gorilla Position.

“It’s actually funny because, after that Ricochet match, I talked to Vince in Gorilla right afterwards and I said, “Hey, whatever you guys ask me to do, I will always give you 100% no matter what – but I’m capable of doing so much more than this, and I hope I get the chance to prove it” and obviously, I didn’t and it is what it is.”

Upon how many interactions he had with Vince McMahon, Cooper said he tried when it was possible and there was a level of respect between the pair.

“I mean, I interacted with him when it was possible, there definitely would be months that would go by where I wouldn’t really interact with him too much. He’s super busy, he’s in his office all the time and people are always constantly trying to go in there to figure out… I mean, because he’s kind of signing off on every television segment. So I don’t feel like I had necessarily like a great relationship with him. I do feel like there was a level of respect there at least.”

The former 24/7 Champion also added that less is more and you can’t be overly familiar, you have to have a good idea.

“He’s Vince, you’ve got to come correct, right? I’m not going in there every week, just like, ‘Hey, sir, how are you?’ No, it’s like, ‘OK, I have an idea that I think is a good idea. I’ve tried to run it up the chain and whatever, I’ve shopped it around a couple of writers, a couple producers. They seem to think it might be a good idea, so I’ll go run it by Vince to see what he thinks and see if we can’t make it happen or whatever.’ Because, if you can get the boss to sign off on it, then it’ll happen.”

Cooper then relayed the story of how he had McMahon engaged and interested in an idea for Heavy Machinery, but failed to follow-up on it and get it to fruition.

“That’s kind of why I was saying about the barbecue thing. I distinctly remember leaving that office and being like, ‘That was the best kind of pitch conversation we’ve had with him up to this point. Don’t you think, Doz?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, dude, he was really into it!”‘ He was very engaged, like wasn’t on his phone. It was probably only a ten-minute conversation or something and that’s why, like I said, I was just kind of thinking, like, ‘He seemed to love it and he was writing stuff down, so it’s probably going to happen,’ I think if I would have known… That was kind of early on in our time, if I would have known what I knew now, I would have really stayed on it with some of the people who are kind of like next down in the chain that could make the moves happen and sort of just constantly, constantly staying on it instead of sort of just being like, ‘Oh, well, he liked it. I think it’ll happen’ and it just didn’t and accepting that.”

You can check out the entire interview here.
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