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Tucker Explains Why He Was “Steaming Mad” Over Dark Match Incident

Tucker Otis

Tucker, formerly of Heavy Machinery and WWE has discussed being left infuriated after having to rush into a dark match saying they were put in an unsafe situation.

Tucker was released from his WWE contract on April 15th, 2021 alongside a slew of other talents including Mickie James and The IIconics. Before his release, he had split with long-time tag team partner Otis after costing his Heavy Machinery partner his Money In The Bank briefcase at Hell In A Cell 2020.

Now speaking on The OTR Show, Tucker has detailed being rushed to the Gorilla Position backstage with no time for him or Otis to get into their ring gear for a dark match.

Tucker explained:

“We had been wrestling a dark match with the B Team for many TVs in a row. We were shooting a backstage vignette where they were morphing the 24/7 Title into us doing barbeque in the back. I tell Scott Armstrong and he was going to get the match changed. We’re shooting the deal and get done, it takes about an hour and a half. The biggest slap is it got cut and never saw the light of day. We’re sitting in catering in basketball shorts and t-shirts and I get a text from one of the writers and he’s like, ‘They’re looking for you in Gorilla.’ We just ate. We walk into Gorilla and they’re like, ‘We need you guys. We’re doing the dark match.’ I look at Otis, they want us to get our gear on. We couldn’t get our gear on in time before SmackDown. B Team has their music hit, they go out and we’re standing in Gorilla. We were still in our basketball gear. We’re having a discussion for like 30 seconds and our music hits.”

“I pull my cell phone out of my pocket and throw it on the floor. Otis takes his can of dip out of his pocket and hands it to whoever is standing there. We go out in basketball shorts and t-shirts for the dark match. Luckily, we had wrestled those guys a bunch of times and we ran our normal stuff. It was a quick match and we got in and got out as safe as possible.”

Tucker went on to say he was angered by the incident especially as a fellow WWE Superstar had suffered an injury in similar circumstances:

“I was steaming mad after because it’s not a safe situation. Someone got an injury in that exact situation. I won’t name names, I’m sure people watching know. It was a scenario that happened not that long before me, with someone way more important in the wrestling business than I’ll ever be. If that incident didn’t stop it from happening, I don’t know what will stop it. Thank goodness everyone was safe.”

Tucker also recently discussed his perception of how Vince McMahon sees the tag team division in WWE, saying the WWE Chairman doesn’t believe the division can draw money.

Credit: The OTR Show

h/t Fightful for the transcription