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Tropikawild Take One Of A Kind Tag League Trophy

Tropikawild take the One of a Kind Tag League Trophy

ChocoPro’s One Of A Kind Tag League has come to a close with the team of SAKI & Yuna Mizumori, the Block A winners collectively known as Tropikawild, were able to pin Block B champs Melt Brain Dancing (PSYCHO & CHANGO). The victory came after a double pin combination on CHANGO after a 25 minute back and forth contest.

Both teams had a similar route to the final; both won their blocks with five points, having both picked up two wins and one draw en route to their clash for the trophy.

By virtue of their win, Tropikawild are next in line to challenge the Best Bros of Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga for their Asia Dream Tag Team Championships.

Best Bros will have held the belts for over 200 days at the time of the challenge, but Tropikawild have held the belts on two previous occasions for a collective 476 days.

In the teams’ only collision to date, Tropikawild and Best Bros faced off in the A Block of the tournament wrestling to a time limit draw.

We can look at their singles record against one another to get more of an idea of how the title match might play out:

Akki has a winning record of 4-0-1 against Yuna and has only faced SAKI once in singles competition, where they fought to a time limit draw.
Mei on the other hand has a losing record against both members of Trokikawild. She is 2-6 against Yuna and 0-2-2 against SAKI.
More often than not, the members of Tropikawild have been the victors when facing either of the Best Bros. Does this spell the end of belt days for Mei Surgua?

You can watch Tropikawild challenge Best Bros live and for free on Youtube on 19/7 2am BST.