Trish Stratus Wrestled Injured At WWE WrestleMania 39

Trish Stratus WrestleMania Dakota Kai

Prior to turning on Becky Lynch on the April 10th episode of Raw, Trish Stratus teamed with both The Man and longtime friend Lita to take on the team of Damage CTRL at WrestleMania 39.

Speaking on a recent episode of Busted Open, Stratus opened up about her decision to return to WWE, praising the women’s division before revealing that she was nervous going into her WrestleMania bout.

“I sat back and I was in awe of watching all of them work. I love going back — I remember when I went back for the Royal Rumble and I was watching people work. I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it because it’s really interesting to see how the brain works, how people put things together. It was impressive to me, I was in awe on the apron watching the match unfold. And then for me, I just do what I do. I always want to do better than the last time. So I do think people forgot, and maybe I did too. Every time I go out there, I’m like, ‘Can I still do this? I don’t know…’”

Trish Stratus Had A Partially Torn Hamstring At WWE WrestleMania 39

Continuing, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed that she was wrestling with a partially torn hamstring on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

“And I had a few obstacles, like I had a partially torn hamstring, by the way. Nobody knew about that. But it was like, ‘WrestleMania, let’s just go.’ I didn’t train as much, I’m usually in there the minute I find out there’s a match, I’m in there like every day [after] I put my kids to bed, I’m in the ring until midnight, this is what I do. And this time I had this injury, so I was a little unsure going in.

“But man, there’s something about feeling at home. Apparently it’s like riding a bike, like as you guys know, you get back in there and your body is like, ‘I got this. Just do your thing.’ I’ve kept my health and fitness up so that plays into it as well.

“My body — I know that I am good in those moments and I work well under pressure. I knew, I always feel like I have to prove myself every time I go out there, so that was a big driving force for me that evening,” she noted, “was to go out and prove that I still belong in this match, that I belong with these other talented women and that I still belong here, period.”

Despite her injury, Stratus helped her team secure the victory at WrestleMania.

Things soon took a turn, however, as on the April 10th episode of Monday Night Raw, Lita was found attacked backstage, leading Trish Stratus to step in to aid Becky Lynch in her WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match against Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez. After being pinned and losing the titles for her team, Stratus launched an attack on Lynch.

The next week, she explained that she attacked both Lita and Lynch to prove the point that she’s not a nostalgia act, but rather the greatest of all time.

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