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Trish Stratus Says Without Finlay There Is No Trish

Trish Stratus WWE Women's Champion

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus has paid tribute to Fit Finlay saying he not only helped her immeasurably but paved the way in changing the perception of women’s wrestling.

Trish Stratus may have shown she still hasn’t lost her touch as she tangled with Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch at a live event in her native Toronto but the former seven-time WWE Women’s Champion says there’d be no her to begin with if it wasn’t for the help and support of Fit Finlay.

Finlay may have a reputation as a man who loves to fight but the Northern Irish star is as acclaimed for his work backstage in WWE, particularly with the company’s female superstars as he is for his own in-ring career.

Speaking to Shakiel Mahjouri for ET Canada, Trish Stratus said Finlay helped lead the charge for women’s wrestling when others in WWE didn’t see the benefits of it:

“There would be no Trish Stratus without Fit Finlay, I can tell you that. Also no changing of the guard. He had a vested interest in the women… Seeing what I knew I could do but seeing what I was only able to do in the ring, my MO was to change the perception of what a woman could do in the ring in sports entertainment. He was on board for that and it took for someone to be on board and to see it too. Some of the old school people didn’t see that, they didn’t see that women could do this other side of things.”

Stratus also paid tribute to former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz for his help in molding her promo work:

“Brian Gewirtz is a writer who was with WWE. He was a huge part of a lot of my good, juicy work that I did. Working with my promos. He worked with The Rock a lot, that was kind of his guy, and I got the chance to work with him. He was really good about tapping into who you are and way overt amplifying your personality out there and keeping it real. I think the authentic superstars that people really resonate with.

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