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Trish Stratus Compares Rivalry With Lita To The Rock & Steve Austin’s

Trish Stratus Lita

Trish Stratus has discussed her relationship with in-ring foe turned best friend Lita with Stratus comparing the women’s rivalry to that of another pair of legendary WWE Superstars, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Stratus and Lita both came to the then-World Wrestling Federation in 2000, debuting as valets for T & A and Essa Rios respectively. As time went on the two women moved away from their backseat roles and entered into in-ring competition.

Lita as part of Team Xtreme with The Hardy Boyz redefined women’s wrestling in the company while Stratus survived an ill-fated storyline with Vince McMahon to bring her own set of skills into matches. Together the two women led the charge in the women’s division ably supported by the likes of Jazz, Victoria, Molly Holly, and Ivory.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast, Trish Stratus opened up about her relationship with Lita and how it remains strong to this day.

Stratus stated:

“So the connection is there’s no women doing their thing, but there’s 2 women in training and they have both been signed at the same time at the same age. She was in developmental and I was in Canada waiting for my visa. We were like we are going to be doing this. We were the new girls on the roster so the storylines were going about us. Of course we started together too.”

“Our rivalry is decades-long, we have that dynamic of the ying and the yang of us, that’s what fans love about us. They dug us, dare I say a Rock – Austin. They knew they were going to get something good because there is so much history behind us. There was also the history with us being valets too, which is such a good way of showing characters. We got to do the crazy intergender stuff too, her with Rock and me with Triple H in the main event. So we are going through this and we have this fantastic opportunity to change history. We were riding together and going on this meteoric rise together. To share that is super special. I made Lita my son’s Godmother. I wanted to make her part of the family. We talk pretty much every day.”

Both Lita and Trish Stratus are members of the WWE Hall Of Fame with both women being inducted in back-to-back years. Stratus was inducted in the Class of 2013 with Lita being inducted in the Class of 2014.

Credit: Oral Sessions

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