Triple H Unveils New World Championship, New Champion To Be Crowned

WWE Triple H

Triple H has announced that in a matter of weeks, WWE will crown a new World Heavyweight Champion.

Ahead of the April 24th episode of Monday Night Raw, it was revealed that Triple H would be delivering a major announcement that would shake WWE. While the impact of the announcement remains to be seen, it has undoubtedly shaped the immediate future of the company.

Triple H came to the ring to a huge reaction and wasted little time in getting down to business. The Game recalled his own career in Chicago before turning his attention to Roman Reigns.

WWE’s Chief Content Officer praised Reigns for holding the World Championship for almost 1000 days, as well as negotiating a deal where he doesn’t have to wrestle often. In response, Triple H said WWE and WWE fans deserved better.

The solution is that when Roman Reigns gets drafted, he will be tied to that brand. This makes way for a new World Championship to be created. Triple H added that a new World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned at Night of Champions on May 27th.

Logan Paul wasted little time in making his feelings felt about the title, sharing a screenshot on social media.

It had previously been reported in March that Triple H had approved a new World Championship belt. This in turn came after a report that The Game “doesn’t like” the Universal Title, and had looked into replacing it with the famous ‘big gold’ World Championship.

With this in mind, it is perhaps no coincidence that the new championship shares more than a passing resemblance with that famous belt.

CM Punk Bumps Into Triple H On Raw

Shortly before Monday Night Raw went on the air news broke that AEW star CM Punk had made a surprise visit backstage. Punk is said to have “cleared the air” with The Miz while also speaking with Triple H. The former AEW World Champion was then asked to leave.

It has been reported that many within WWE feel that Punk’s visit was nothing more than a publicity stunt, while their AEW counterparts were left in disbelief.