Triple H Takes Shot At AEW In Cody Rhodes Documentary

Triple H

Triple H has taken a not-so-subtle dig at AEW.

A new documentary looking at the life and career of Cody Rhodes is now available on Peacock and the WWE Network. The new film looks at Rhodes’ departure from WWE in 2016, and his return to the company six years later when he took on Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 38.

In one clip, Rhodes discussed his departure from AEW, putting his exit down to a “personal issue,” reiterating it was nothing to do with money or clashing with other talent. He added that leaving AEW in 2019 meant that he could now go and follow the first dream he ever had — to become WWE Champion.

In the next scene, Triple H praised Rhodes for making the brave call to return to WWE, referring to AEW as a “secondary promotion” in the process.

“To then take that gamble again and say ‘This is not what I wanted to be, I didn’t grow up dreaming of being the champion or the face of a secondary promotion, I wanted to be WWE Champion.'”

When Did Triple H Call Out AEW before?

Fans will know this is far from the first time that Triple H has taken the opportunity to have a dig at AEW. Back in October, The Game gave a lengthy interview to Ariel Helwani where he discussed the supposed ‘Wednesday Night Raw’ between NXT and Dynamite. Triple H dismissed the idea the war was real scoffing “They beat our developmental system, good for them.”

Meanwhile, back in 2019 as DX was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and during their induction speech, Billy Gunn said he had no fear of being fired as he was seemingly heading to AEW. Triple H joked back that Vince McMahon would buy that “pissant company” just to fire him again.