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Update On Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Selling WWE Stock [Exclusive]

A lot of speculation has persisted over why Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have sold so much WWE stock in recent years.

On August 26, The Game cashed in 45,388 of Class A common stock at $45.61 per share netting him roughly $2,070,146. The next day, Triple H sold 7,419 shares at $45.83 per share, which works out at approximately $340,012.

The total value of the sold stock makes the 14-time world champion $2,410,158 richer and that’s a lot of cash to grab.

Stephanie McMahon, who is WWE’s chief brand officer, sold off 57,573 shares of her Class A Common Stock in the company. WWE’s shares were valued at $39.18 meaning McMahon bagged almost $2.3 million.

The timing has appeared curious. Many have wondered why McMahon, in particular, would cash-in at a low stock price like that when WWE all-time high stock closing price was $99.25 on April 23, 2019.

Of course, the world has changed since then. The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. However, speculation around Triple H’s changing role behind the scenes have led many to wonder whether Stephanie and The King of Kings remain heir to the proverbial throne.

Sources have told Inside the Ropes that there is nothing unusual about Stephanie and Triple H selling WWE stock and it’s something they’ve done from time to time over the past few years. It certainly does not mean they’re looking at leaving.

It’s believed they wanted the money for family reasons with a new home rumoured to be the primary cost.

Sources also say that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon haven’t been seen much at main roster shows for some time, barring things like Triple H’s 25-year celebration and such, of course.

The pandemic has put WWE into more focused teams and that is what has seen Shane McMahon more involved with Monday Night Raw, even beyond RAW Underground.

Bruce Prichard remains the closest step to Vince McMahon and Triple H is more focused with running NXT.