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Triple H Says Ted DiBiase Exemplifies What NXT Is All About

Ted DiBiase

Triple H says having The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase on NXT is priceless for the next generation of wrestling superstars, as DiBiase epitomises the essence of the black and gold brand.

When Cameron Grimes returned to NXT after a hiatus and revealed he had played the stock markets like a fiddle before investing in the crypto boom, few could have realised what all that money in the air would summon. Very soon the crypto king of NXT’s expensive tastes took him face to face who has been putting prices on things and people for over thirty years, Ted DiBiase.

DiBiase’s entanglement with Grimes led to a ladder match at NXT TakeOver: In Your House between Grimes and another man vying for the attention of The Million Dollar Man, LA Knight. The winner of the match would be the first man to retrieve the jewel-encrusted Million Dollar Championship belt and would be crowned as the first Million Dollar Champion in over a decade. In the end, Knight prevailed, retrieving the security case that housed the belt before DiBiase handed over the priceless title.

Triple H joined NXT broadcasters McKenzie Mitchell and Alicia Taylor and gave his thoughts on DiBiase’s presence at NXT and how the man who once bought the WWF Championship is what the brand is all about.

Triple H explained:

“He’ll say the Million Dollar Championship is priceless. This opportunity is priceless. Ted, you know, one of the largest, most prolific, just one of the biggest characters of his generation. I think that in many ways, Ted exemplifies, and we talked about this a lot when he was coming in here to do this, sort of exemplifies what today sort of is. You have to be able to go bell-to-bell in NXT. You have to be able to go in that ring, so it’s not just about the gimmick or the shtick.”

“Having him here, it just exemplifies the ring prowess. Ted was so great in-ring and then when he got to the WWE and he became The Million Dollar Man is when he became a household name. Really, that’s what this is. It’s taking somebody great ring-to-ring and putting a little bit of dab of The Million Dollar Man on them and letting them go to that next level.”

Triple H then discussed Knight and Grimes’ opportunity to carry the Million Dollar Title belt themselves and how the mere presence of it regressed wrestling veterans back into fans once more.

The Game said:

“To be able to carry the Million Dollar Belt, I can tell you this from experience of being here when we brought the title in for the first time and almost everybody that’s seen it — When I brought it from Stamford that day, flew it down with me and brought it here and opened the case up, everybody that was backstage was like, ‘Oh my God, is that the legit one,’ and coming over and, ‘Can I touch it and see that?'”

“Even the other night, Cameron Grimes and LA Knight had both seen it for a few seconds earlier in the day, but live on TV when Ted opened that case I could see them going back to being fans. It was real. That’s the magic of this business is to go through and have those moments. Someone like Ted DiBiase with his experience and knowledge and everything else, to be here, not only within this moment but to be here when he is here and have everyone that’s back here with him be able to pick his brain and ask him questions and get his thoughts on things. He knows more about this business than just about anybody, so having that experience and being able to pick his brain is awesome.”

Triple H discussed another star of NXT TakeOver: In Your House recently, Chinese star Xia Li. The Game said that Li risked being disowned by her own family to pursue her dream of professional wrestling.

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