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Triple H Says Shawn Michaels vs. Adam Cole Won’t Happen, Explains Why

Shawn Michaels vs Adam Cole

Triple H has clarified the situation from NXT which saw Shawn Michaels and Adam Cole lock eyes in an intense staredown – stating that a match will not happen.

Speaking on Pardon My Take, Triple H noted the magnitude of the “ultimate dream match” and the subtle tease blowing the internet up.

“When [Shawn] was leaving, he ran into Adam Cole backstage and they had a moment and Shawn walked off. The internet blew up with people saying, ‘Oh my God, what if? What a tease. It’s the ultimate match.'”

The Game went on to say that what we didn’t see was Shawn Michaels’ knee buckling on the ramp, with Triple H outright saying the match will not happen due to how bad Michaels’ knee is.

“What they don’t know is three minutes prior to that when Shawn’s music hit and he was walking out to the stage, his left knee gave out and he started dancing because he almost fell off the stage. His left knee is so bad that it buckled on him while he was walking down the ramp. That match isn’t going to happen.”

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy in February, Shawn Michaels said he has no desire to step back in the ring.

“No, no! Like I said, I guess that’s the thing – I can compartmentalise that. I don’t know if it’s fair, but I can. I think that’s one of the reasons I was able to walk away and be at peace, unlike a lot of people who have struggled with that. And I do understand it.”

Mr WrestleMania went as far as to call his Crown Jewel comeback a “high-school reunion” – stating that he simply wanted to have a special experience with his friends.

“Even that second one, it felt like its own entity unto itself. It had nothing to do with, really, to me, “one more match.” It was about going out there and having an experience with my guys. I mean, it was sort of like just a… I don’t know. It’s like somebody saying, “You graduated high school?” “Yes. But I’m going to go back to my ten-year reunion,” and I’m still going to do that, but it doesn’t mean I’m going back to high school and I want to go through it again. So, I guess that’s how I looked at it was, it was an experience that I just wanted to have – special – with these guys.

“As I say, I still look at my retirement and all of it, again, with nothing but complete joy and satisfaction. I have since, all those years, really begun to understand and appreciate how special that was for me, because so many guys have struggled with it in the past.”

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