Triple H Reveals Undertaker Is Set For NXT Role

Triple H Undertaker

Ahead of his Final Farewell at Survivor Series, The Undertaker teased that he may very well be heading to NXT as a coach – having visited WWE’s Performance Center and mentoring WWE talents throughout his twilight years. On the NXT TakeOver: WarGames post-show media call, I asked Triple H if there had been any update to Undertaker joining NXT following those visits.

Triple H would respond, telling me how he “touched base” with Undertaker this week – stating that The Deadman has “earned a break” but that they’ll meet in the new year to figure out how to proceed as Taker’s future involves being in NXT.

“Well, I can tell you this, that any time Taker is involved here, any time he has walked through these doors, everybody that’s here is better for it. They all come out of here with a different perspective, a fresh viewpoint, and he’s one of the most knowledgeable guys that has ever been in the business, I believe. Even myself, I learn from him every time I’m around him.

“He is looking now, I believe, to move to the next phase of his life and we talked a lot about it, it involves being here, it involves the future, it involves getting more into that. I would like to believe he has earned the taking a breath off of his retirement for a moment, but we actually just touched base in the last couple of days and that is something that, coming out of the holidays, we will certainly be talking about in 2021, which is just one more reason to be excited about next year, with everything else that is happening. I think him involved, I just… I can’t stress enough how impactful that would be for everybody.”

Later in the call, Triple H said, “Hopefully Taker will be here more and more” when answering a question from Kelly Wells about elevating talent and “restocking” the roster too.

Undertaker was recently quoted on the matter.

“Triple H and I have had many conversations about me working with the talent there at NXT, in Orlando at the PC and I really enjoy that. We’re just trying to figure out how it works because I’d have to come in and go out, I live in Texas. So I’m sure I will do more of that moving forward. I think I have a lot to offer.”

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