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Triple H Reveals Origin Of Custom WWE Titles For Sports Teams

Triple H

Triple H has revealed the origins of the custom WWE Titles which have become accustom of WWE in giving them to sports teams who win big.

The tradition of WWE gifting a title to champions of other sports dates back eight year and actually started with baseball, Hunter told TheWrap ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl LV.

Baseball’s Boston Red Sox won the World Series in 2013, Triple H pointing to David Ortiz as the spark for sending a WWE Title their way.

David Ortiz — Big Papi — was a huge fan. Still is. Here’s a guy with all this bling, he’s got the earnings and the giant chains and everything. It’s part of who he is. When they won the World Series, he was such a big fan and was so into them, we [sent him a] title. He wore it nonstop and just put it over like a million bucks.

A year later, in 2014, WWE then sent a Title to LeBron James, who immediately purchased them for everyone else on his team. More requests began pouring in, and soon, the WWE Championship Titles started showing up regularly in victory parades.

It just took on a life of its own, and we went with it! These days, a WWE Championship Belt is another thing you expect to get when you become ‘It,’ when you become the champion. Rocking one over your shoulder after winning the big game is the new “I’m going to Disneyland.

Years removed from sending a replica Title to Ortiz, the ones that WWE send to teams now come with custom side plates, which take a few weeks to manufacture, HHH revealed. Also stating the cost per Title, which sets them back “a few thousand dollars” each.

Rob Gronkowski, who caught two of Tom Brady’s three touchdown passes last night, spent some of his short-lived NFL retirement with WWE. HHH jokingly giving a nod to Gronk in his congratulations tweet by saying “Gronk will know what to do with it”.

Antoine Winfield Jr., who posed with the Buccaneers’ custom title belt during Sunday’s postgame press conference, was clearly loving the title!

WWE have complied a full gallery of custom titles on their website.

Some of the next major sporting events are; Daytona 500 (Feb), the end of the UK Premier League (May), US PGA Tour (May), 2020 Euros (June)… Plenty of events coming up for HHH and the WWE to celebrate the victors in the best way possible.