Triple H Returns To The Ring, Alexa Bliss Hits Randy Orton With Fireball To End RAW

Triple H

Triple H returned to the ring on this week’s Monday Night RAW, with The Game “wrestling” for the first time since 2019 and for the first time on the red brand since 2016. The match, however, wouldn’t actually be a match as no referee was present – and the ending would see The Game disappear while Alexa Bliss would return and shoot a fireball at Randy Orton’s face.

After confirming Drew McIntyre had tested positive for COVID-19, WWE confirmed The Game would return to the red brand following a “shocking” RAW Legends Night. Triple H opened the show, but barely got a sentence out before Randy Orton interrupted. The Viper had been originally scheduled to compete against Drew McIntyre, and made no bones about his desire to take on Triple H instead. The Game would initially decline the offer, before things got more personal and Triple H accepted the challenge of The Legend Killer.

While no referee was present and the match was not officially ended by pinfall or submission, with Triple H and Randy Orton brawling in and around the ring, with the steel stairs and the announce table feeling the effect of both men.

The fight marks Triple H’s first physicality in the ThunderDome, having gone through 2020 without wrestling a match. The 14-time WWE Champion’s last match in WWE was in June 2019 at a house show in Japan, with his last televised match being at WWE Super ShowDown earlier that month against Randy Orton. The Game’s last match on WWE RAW was in March 2016 against Dolph Ziggler.

While the fight would see Orton and The Game brawl across the arena, it ended abruptly when Triple H grabbed his trademark sledgehammer. The lights went down as the sledgehammer lit up in flames, before The Game disappeared completely. Alexa Bliss would appear and shoot a fireball into the face of Randy Orton to end RAW. Several weeks ago, Bliss had begged Orton to set her on fire with the show ending on a cliffhanger.

Details have now emerged on how WWE managed to have Alexa Bliss shoot Randy Orton with a fireball to end RAW.

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