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Triple H Recalls Making An Emotional Promise To Shawn Michaels’ Mother Prior To HBK’s Return

Triple H Shawn Michaels

Triple H has recalled a touching conversation he had with Shawn Michaels’ mother before the WWE Hall Of Famer made his incredible return to the ring in 2002.

Shawn Michaels was at the forefront of the New Generation era during the mid-nineties in the then-World Wrestling Federation. The Heartbreak Kid innovated the ladder match, achieved his boyhood dream, lost his smile, screwed Bret Hart, and was knocked out by Mike Tyson during a unique run that saw him go from clean-cut fan favourite to squalid degenerate.

At the Royal Rumble in 1998, Shawn Michaels suffered a back injury that led to a four-year hiatus from the ring. The then WWF Champion was able to compete at WrestleMania 14 where he lost his title to Stone Cold Steve Austin but then Michaels was done.

That was until the summer of 2002 when it looked like Michaels was back to reform DX with Triple H on Raw. Michaels found out to his cost that The Game had changed and Triple H attacked his former friend. This led to a bloody Unsanctioned Match at SummerSlam 2002 that Michaels won.

Now speaking on an episode of Ruthless Aggression on the WWE Network and Peacock, Triple H revealed the promise he made to Michaels’ worried mother ahead of their brutal fight:

“You fast forward to getting to that day, Shawn walked off to say something to somebody, and there was his mom. I don’t recall her saying anything, but just the look. I grabbed her hand, looked her in the eye, and said, ‘I will let nothing happen to your boy. I promise you.’ She gave me a hug and was emotional and walked off.”

It was a moment that made Triple H second-guess everything and made him wonder if Shawn Michaels’ body was up to a return:

“It was a moment there that made me realize like, ‘Holy sh*t.’ If they’re all that worried – I mean, I get it, it’s his mom, I get it, and all the other stuff – but if they’re all worried about him, what the f*ck, physically, how bad [is he]? I don’t know, is he bullsh*tting me and it’s all broken and the first time I hit him he’s gonna shatter? I don’t know, I have no idea.”

Despite his mother’s worries, three months later Shawn Michaels held gold once again as he captured the World Heavyweight Championship inside the Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series 2002.

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