“Taker’s Ear Was Like Hanging” – Triple H Recalls Horrific Undertaker Ear Injury

Triple H & Undertaker

The Undertaker suffered a number of nasty injuries throughout his WWE career, one of which reportedly saw his ear hanging off his head!

Injuries, unfortunately, are all part of the nature of professional wrestling, particularly for those performing at a high level for prolonged periods of time. For The Undertaker, this was no different but despite the severity of some of his injuries, he rarely took chunks of time off during his full-time tenure.

One such injury came when his ear was clipped by ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s knee brace, causing it to be left “hanging”. Triple H detailed the gruesome injury during his appearance on the SPORTbible Stories podcast:

“‘Taker got his ear clipped open by Steve’s knee brace. We had to get on a plane immediately following the event, like I remember we came in our gear and changed at the airport. We got on the charter and flew back to the US and we were still in our gear. ‘Taker’s ear was like hanging, we got a plastic surgeon and we gotta meet him in the States. I stood for the longest time on a seat behind him, putting pressure on his head and his ear cause once you get up at pressure, you’ll bleed like a stuck pig.”

It wasn’t stated when, exactly, the injury occurred. The Undertaker eventually made a full recovery from the incident, keeping both of his ears intact.

This was just one of a long list of injuries picked up throughout The Undertaker’s illustrious time in the ring. As he grew older, the wear and tear on his body took its toll, which is what led ‘The Phenom’ to gradually reduce his in-ring output until he retired from active competition following WrestleMania 36.

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling.