Triple H Provides Update On WWE Sale

Triple H WWE

Vince McMahon returned to WWE in January 2023 and quickly elected himself back onto the Board of Directors with the goal of facilitating a sale of the company he brought to global dominance.

Recently, more details emerged on what McMahon is hoping to gain from the sale, with Bloomberg reporting that he looking for an eye-watering $9 billion. They also noted that the company has received numerous offers already, while CEO Nick Khan has been open about the sale potentially coming within the next few months.

Triple H gives his thoughts on potential sale

At the post-Elimination Chamber press conference on February 19th, WWE’s Chief Content Officer, Triple H, gave his own thoughts on the potential sale, saying he prefers to stay out of it.

The Game went on to explain that he’ll be happy as long as any buyer allows him and the rest of the company to continue creating the way they have been.

“Depends on who is buying, I suppose. What the offer is, what the outcome is. Stay out of it, to me. That’s not a cop-out answer. I have the greatest gig in the world.

“I helped tonight, in some small way, create the magic we did here tonight. To me, it’s the best gig on the planet.

“As long we get to do this, as long as we get to create the way we get to create it, as long as we get to do our jobs and we get to go out there and put our passion on display, as long as our talent are allowed to put their passion on display and do what we do, I’m good. It is what it is.”

The latest moment the company created saw Sami Zayn reach the main event at Elimination Chamber where he challenged Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, only for his dreams to end in heartbreak.

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