Triple H Had Two Incredibly Ordinary Jobs Before Becoming A Wrestler

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Prior to his time inside the squared circle as a blueblood, Triple H had two jobs that put him firmly in the working class!

There’s little that Triple H hasn’t accomplished in the world of professional wrestling, rising to prominence as a wealthy blueblood and evolving into The Game who’d go on to win multiple World Championships, earning his place in the WWE Hall of Fame. He’s also conquered the corporate world, working backstage as a WWE Executive for years, and in the wake of Vince McMahon’s retirement, he now has complete creative control as Chief Content Officer.

Though he first gained notoriety in his career as a high class snob, the real life Paul Levesque’s time prior to the squared circle wasn’t quite as glamorous as that of his alter ego. Speaking to the Sports Business Journal, he revealed that he worked as a paperboy when he was young. Triple H’s corporate leanings may have been evident even then as he says he even had an employee: his sister, who he jokes did most of the work. He also worked as a cook at fast food empire Wendy’s.

“It depends on if you count paperboy as a job. I made money at it. I even had an employee because my sister was older than me and made her do most of the work and then I collected all the money and paid her something on the side. But first job I ever worked at was cook at Wendy’s.”

It is common knowledge that Triple H also worked at a gym prior to his career in wrestling, something that no doubt helped him build his impressive physique.

h/t Sportskeeda