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Triple H On His Raw Appearance – “I Got The Call The Night Before”

Triple H pointing at Triple H

Triple H has discussed this latest appearance on Monday Night Raw.Speaking to ESPN Radio, the COO of WWE revealed how last minute it was.Recently The Game had discussed being Vince McMahon’s ‘in case of emergency’ backup plan but didn’t expect to be broken out so soon.

Triple H explained:

“I said it a few weeks earlier ironically, not thinking it was going to happen so quickly. I said I’m like that little box on the wall that says ‘use in case of emergency, break glass.’ There’s a little hammer there, you smack it, pull the handle, Triple H pops out. To be honest, I got the call the night before. [They were] like, ‘Hey, we’re gonna write you in the show tomorrow’ and that was it.”

Triple took on Randy Orton in the appearance. Substituting for WWE Champion Drew McIntyre who had to miss Raw due to contracting COVID-19.The appearance would end in mystery, however, as his sledgehammer caught fire and Triple H disappeared in the darkness.When the lights returned, Alexa Bliss was facing Orton before she threw a fireball at his face.

Triple H, a former 14-time world champion also discussed his thoughts on performing in the pandemic era:

“It’s not the same. As a performer, my hat is off to all the men and women right now that are doing this week in, week out. That did it all this time during COVID and the pandemic and did it in front of no one. Did it in front of a few, did it in front of video walls with fans cheering and booing. It’s not the same. It’s difficult when you’ve geared your whole life and your whole career towards getting that reaction and working towards it and now you have to work towards the reaction that you believe that you will get and — but it’s not the same.”

It remains to be seen if Triple H will be involved in this year’s WrestleMania in a match.WWE plans to have up to 30,000 fans in the Raymond James Stadium both nights of the two-day event.

Credit: ESPN Radio

h/t to Post Wrestling for the transcription