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Triple H On Edge Having A List Of NXT Stars He Wants To Wrestle

Edge ring entrance

WWE Executive, Triple H revealed that 2021 Royal Rumble winner, Edge wants to wrestle a number of his NXT stars and has a list of names he wants to compete against.

‘The Game’ was speaking on the NXT: TakeOver: Vengeance Day media call. He explained that Edge has been wanting to work with NXT talent for a long time:

“Edge’s return has been done really well. He is in a place in his mind where he wants to build young [talent] and get them rolling in different directions. He’s been talking to me since prior to coming back the first time at Royal Rumble 2020, about coming to NXT and not only stepping in the ring and talking but stepping in the ring and performing. Prior to him coming to the Rumble, he gave me ‘here’s my list. I want to work with this person.'”

Edge appeared on the February 3 edition of NXT to tease a potential WrestleMania clash with the winner of the Finn Balor versus Pete Dunne battle at TakeOver: Vengeance. Edge is yet to confirm who he will actually clash with on the big show.

Triple H added that the ‘Rated R Superstar’ is welcome to appear on NXT whenever he wishes:

“When he came to NXT, just knowing him, I could see the smile on his face all day as he talked with everyone. It’s awesome to see. I don’t think any of it is beyond the realm of possibility. We saw it last year with Charlotte and you see it this year with him playing things across the board. Depending on where WrestleMania goes, beyond that, there is availability for him to come to NXT and use his star power to help them and elevate and for him to have that final few chapters of his career the way he wants to have them. It’s something he’s willing to do and pushing hard to do.”

You can catch Edge in action each Monday night on Raw. NXT airs each Wednesday night.

h/t to Fightful for transcription