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Triple H – “No-one Forces You To Watch Wrestling Every Day”

Triple H

Triple H has hit back at claims there’s too much wrestling on television, saying no-one is being forced to watch everything.

Answering a question from Jason Powell of ProWrestling.net on the pre-TakeOver media call, The Game said it’s all about having content available for people to watch in an age where more people watch on-demand.

So when you guys make the move to Tuesdays, there is actually going to be, as I’m sure you know, a pro wrestling show on broadcast or cable television five nights a week. And obviously that’s good as far as there being a lot of jobs available. But is that amount of content good for the industry overall or does it become overkill where it starts to become detrimental?

“I mean, unless you live in a different place than I do, no-one forces me to watch anything. It’s availability, it’s having it there. You can watch it with the internet, with the Network, with Peacock, with YouTube. You can watch any content you want, any time you want to watch it – pretty much from anywhere in the world on any device.”

Triple H noted that there hasn’t been a detriment to interest thus far from too much content, and that it simply isn’t an issue.

It hasn’t seemed that availability and that accessibility, it doesn’t seem to damage people’s appetite or desire for anything. You know, to me, it’s all available, 24/7, and the world is becoming less and less of a ‘you must watch at this time’. Some people are slower to adapt to that and others are there. But as you see that moving forward, the ability for people to be able to watch something when they want to watch it, when and where. So I don’t think that’s an issue for me at all. If it’s good, you want to watch it. If you don’t like it or it’s not your cup of tea or something else, you switch to something else. That’s always been television. There’s a sitcom on TV somewhere every single night. There’s news on every five seconds. There are 24 hour news channels. It is what it is and you find and want to watch what you want to watch.

Triple H also answered a question from Inside The Ropes’ Gary Cassidy regarding the potential for WWE to work with AEW, or any other wrestling company, more frequently or substantially in the future following two groundbreaking announcements this week in that NXT is moving to Tuesday nights, and will no longer be in direct competition with AEW, and that an All Elite Wrestling star in Chris Jericho will be appearing on the WWE Network.

“Yeah. I’m not… I’m not necessarily sure how that correlates but, look, we’re open for business. I’ve said it a million times. Vince has been very adamant in that, right? Open for business, what’s best for business for the WWE and open to working with whoever that is. It’s a funny thing that people sometimes create their own situations in their head, but it’s not shocking to me…

Triple H went on to say he hadn’t heard that Chris Jericho would be appearing on the WWE Network during WrestleMania Weekend until the news broke today, but said it didn’t shock him, and that people create a “fantasy world” when it comes to any divide between AEW and WWE.

“First of all, I hadn’t heard of the Jericho thing today, but it’s not shocking to me in any way, shape or form. People made comments about people after they leave and they received a nice call from Vince or whoever that is. Yeah, yeah, it’s not shocking to me at all. The perception and the creation of what people believe in their heads when they have zero knowledge of it. You know, personally is amazing sometimes, the fantasy world that is created. Not shocking to me in any way.”

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