Triple H Preparing Kevin Owens-Esque Main Roster Debut For Top NXT Star

Triple H shouts at Kevin Owens on WWE Raw 2019

Debuting on the main roster in May 2015, then-NXT Champion Kevin Owens made one of the biggest impacts of any NXT call-up. ‘The Prizefighter’ appeared to be answering John Cena’s United States Championship open challenge, instead laying him out and subsequently defeating Cena at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

Kevin Owens’ debut is always looked back upon with such fondness that the majority of NXT-to-main roster stars have failed to live up to. With Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque in charge of creative, it appears this could soon change, with “something big” reportedly being wanted in order to debut Grayson Waller on the main roster.

Speaking in a new interview with GiveMeSport’s Louis Dangoor, WrestleVotes explained that, due to Triple H having a high opinion of Grayson Waller, it’s possible he’ll remain in NXT for a while until they can get something sorted for him:

“WWE really likes Grayson Waller and really see something in him. He may stay down in NXT, just so they can try to figure out something big for him, like Kevin Owens coming in and beating John Cena. They like him a lot, so that’s one guy that they’re gonna try to do something serious with.”

Grayson Waller’s previous main roster experience led him to a singles match with AJ Styles, one by ‘The Phenomenal One’.

Plans For Kevin Owens Pushed Back

Although he came into WWE with a degree of importance, current-day Kevin Owens has been sparsely seen on WWE programming. He last competed on the September 30 Friday Night SmackDown, teaming with Drew McIntyre and Johnny Gargano to fell Austin Theory and Alpha Academy.

Per WrestleVotes, plans for the one-time Universal Champion, which would have seen him get involved with Sami Zayn and The Bloodline, have been pushed back due to Zayn’s success with the Roman Reigns-helmed faction:

“He was pegged to get involved with Sami and The Bloodline, but that’s white-hot right now. Those plans from what I’ve been told are definitely pushed back, but they’re not off, because the plan is for Kevin Owens to be with Sami Zayn.”

It’s unknown when, exactly, Kevin Owens will resurface.

H/T to GiveMeSport.