Big Update On WWE’s Interest In Matt Cardona, Triple H Is A “Big Fan” Of His Indie Work

Matt Cardona

A new report has suggested that Triple H is a “big fan” of Matt Cardona’s work on the independent wrestling scene and may have some interest in bringing him back to WWE.

Prior to his release from the company in April 2020, the former Zack Ryder was with WWE for 15 years and is a former Intercontinental Champion.

Over the past couple of years, Cardona has completely re-invented himself and has earned plaudits for his runs in Impact Wrestling, GCW and NWA.

Triple H Is Said To Be A “Big Fan” Of Matt Cardona

A new report from WrestleVotes claims that Cardona’s work has caught the attention of WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H, who would be interested in bringing the former star back to the company.

WrestleVotes told GiveMeSport:

“I’ve heard because of what he’s done on the indies that Hunter is a fan of his. Cardona is not shy about being a lifelong fan and Hunter likes people that that don’t shy away from growing up in this business. Hunter would 100% take Matt Cardona back, but I don’t know if that offer has been extended.”

Cardona’s wife Chelsea Green, who worked for Triple H during her NXT run in 2019/2020, has recently finished a run in Impact Wrestling, which has led to speculation that she could also make a return to WWE in the near future.

On Chelsea Green, WrestleVotes reported the following:

“If he comes in with Chelsea Green, I don’t know. I know he [HHH] really wants Chelsea back. Specifically, I know Shawn Michaels loves Chelsea Green, so if they want her you would think they kid of make a two-for-one offer, like we’ll bring both you guys if you want.”

During an appearance on Wrestling Inside The Ropes in August, Cardona admitted he would be willing to have a conversation in regards to making a return to WWE.