Triple H Dropped Ezekiel Gimmick ‘As Soon As He Got Power’

Triple H

Triple H wasn’t a fan of the Ezekiel character.

Ever since Paul “Triple H” Levesque took over as the head of WWE creative earlier this year, a load of changes have happened in the company, both on camera and behind the scenes.

One of those changes was the gimmick of Ezekiel, Elias’ storyline brother and played by the same wrestler who acts as the latter, Jeffrey Sciullo. Elias is scheduled to appear on Monday Night Raw this Monday.

Reportedly, Triple H wasn’t a fan of Ezekiel, scratching the character as soon as he came into power.

According to the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, Triple H immediately got rid of the gimmick, giving Elias months off from television to be able to grow his beard back. Now, it looks like he is ready to make his return, with the character showing up on Raw this Monday.

“Elias returns on RAW on 10/17. He needed time off to grow back his beard and hair from the Ezekiel character. HHH pretty much dropped Ezekiel as soon as he got power.”

After WrestleMania 38, WWE repackaged Elias as Ezekiel, making him the storyline younger brother of the former who would end up having a rivalry with Kevin Owens. However, the company used Owens beating Ezekiel to write him off of TV, and now according to reports, Elias will be coming back to seek revenge against K.O.

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