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Triple H & Drew McIntyre Congratulate Rangers With Custom WWE Championship

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is no stranger to rising from the ashes and ascending to the summit of his profession, and his journey has been replicated today as Rangers have won the Scottish Premiership for the first time in nine years – and been rewarded with a WWE Championship to match.

The Scottish Warrior has made no secret about his love of Rangers, and would congratulate the Glasgow-based football team mere minutes after their title win was secured. The Ibrox club has thus far gone unbeaten in the Scottish Premiership, while Celtic have been languishing behind. After a 3-0 victory yesterday against St Mirren, Celtic had to emerge victorious against Dundee United to postpone Rangers’ title celebrations until the next meeting, which coincidentally is between the two clubs.

Celtic would draw 0-0 with Dundee United, dropping two points and sealing their fate after nine seasons of domestic dominance. In that time, Rangers would drop to the very bottom tier of Scottish football and work their way back to the top, before stagnating in the Premiership under a plethora of managers. In his third year at the helm of the club, though, Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has steered Rangers to their 55th title win.

McIntyre tweeted, drawing comparisons to his own redemption story:

“We share a story of ups and downs, working harder than anyone else to get back on the path to championship glory. Congratulations to @RangersFC, winners of the Scottish Premiership. This custom @WWEChampionship is YOURS!!!”
Meanwhile, The Game added:
“Well said. Congratulations to the winners of the Scottish Premiership, @RangersFC!! #Champion55″

The relationship between WWE and football (or soccer if you’re across the pond) has come on leaps and bounds this season – seemingly due to the crossover with the likes of BT Sport showing both football and professional wrestling. While it’s been no surprise to see the likes of Arsenal making their second half entrance to the sound of iconic WWE entrance music, the first football team to have secured their league win cement a more formal relationship with professional wrestling in the form of a custom WWE Championship with their “badge” emblazoned on custom side plates.

Just last month, Triple H – who has openly discussed his own affinity for West Ham United – would speak on the origins of presenting teams with the custom WWE Championships before likening it to Disneyland for the victors.

“These days, a WWE Championship Belt is another thing you expect to get when you become ‘It,’ when you become the champion. Rocking one over your shoulder after winning the big game is the new ‘I’m going to Disneyland.'”

The relationship between former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Rangers, though, is one that has been public for a long time. Before his monumental WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36, McIntyre actually arrived in Glasgow for a homecoming party where a trip to a Europa League match at Ibrox had been on the cards before that trip was cut short to ensure The Scottish Warrior would be at WrestleMania himself. Meanwhile, Rangers Football Club‘s official Twitter has congratulated McIntyre on his WWE Championships and Royal Rumble wins across 2020 too.