Triple H Considered Retiring Major WWE Title As He “Doesn’t Like It”

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H

Although Vince McMahon’s role with WWE appears somewhat undefined, Triple H hasn’t been afraid to make his mark on creative since taking on the job.

Since assuming creative control of the main roster, The Game has re-hired a number of former Superstars and placed a greater emphasis on tag team wrestling and WWE’s “secondary” titles. At WrestleMania 38, neither the Intercontinental Championship nor the United States Title was defended on the show, but are both involved in high-profile storylines in 2023.

However, it appears there’s one title that Triple H is much less keen on.

A report from Fight Fans has claimed that the WWE Hall of Famer wanted to retire the Universal Title as he simply “doesn’t like it.” Fight Fans note that Triple H wanted to get rid of the title when he first took creative control of the company, although he seemingly decided against it as he “recognised its importance for the dual champion role.”

Furthermore, he wanted to bring back the World Heavyweight Championship as a replacement. But this idea never got anywhere as it would have looked out of place with the rest of WWE’s championship belts.

Triple H Open To Splitting WWE’s World Titles

In recent months there have been a number of reports that WWE wants to split its World Championships. At present both the WWE Championship and Universal Title are held by Roman Reigns.

The Tribal Chief won the Universal Title back in August 2020, before adding the WWE Title at WrestleMania 38. The Universal Championship was introduced in August 2016, with Finn Balor becoming the inaugural champion.

Reigns is the longest-reigning champion in the title’s history having held it for a staggering 933 days and counting.

The Head of the Table will be back in action at WrestleMania 39 when he puts his Undisputed WWE Universal Title on the line against Cody Rhodes.