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Triple H Compares ‘Magic’ Of The Undisputed ERA To D-Generation X

Adam Cole Undisputed Era holding their 2019 NXT Year-End Awards with Triple H

Triple H has spoken on the success of The Undisputed ERA, equating it to that of D-Generation X and attributing their ‘magic’ to the close-knit bond they possess outside the ring.

Speaking to Ryan Satin of FOX Sports, Triple H was asked about the progress the faction has made lately as they enter WarGames as babyfaces for the very first time. The Game responded their alignment shift has been interesting, though it doesn’t make a huge difference as he feels fans will cheer them regardless:

“It’s been great. It’s interesting to see when you shift people from one side, so to speak, to the other. And it’s funny that you say they’re in there as babyfaces this time. I don’t know, like even as bad guys sometimes they were getting cheered as much as the good guys, right? Darth Vader was a bad guy, but they loved the character and I think that always resonates within our business.

But, how you handle that transition of, ‘Yeah, but now I’m supposed to be a good guy.’ Or, ‘Yeah, but now I’m supposed to be a bad guy,’ so you wholesale shift. That’s why it’s bad to tell somebody, ‘Hey, we’re going to turn you here.’ Because then they get it in their heads, ‘Oh, I’m gonna be a bad guy,’ and now they just start doing different stuff and you’re like, ‘None of this is working now.’ There’s that shift.”

The WWE Executive Vice President would elaborate that Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong’s success can be attributed to their close-knit bond in real-life, allowing them to convey the “authenticity” of them as a cohesive unit:

“But, they’re all so talented. Roddy, Bobby, Kyle and Adam are just so talented and the thing that works for me with them, whether they’re good guys or bad guys, is the authenticity of it. The realness of it. That unit is that unit. They get along. We shoot stuff with them at a restaurant, where they’re doing toasts and all this stuff and it’s kind of like, well, you just put cameras there and let them go do their thing because they just go be them.

In a way, I always feel like that stuff resonates the most when you can see a bunch of people that are on some level legitimately have that connection to where as a viewer watching, you think to yourself, ‘Man. I’d just like want to hang out with those dudes. I’d like to be at that dinner and just have dinner with them and hang out with them because it looks like it’s so much fun.’”

Triple H wasn’t done there though as he finished by comparing the ‘magic’ of The Undisputed ERA’s legitimacy to one of the most legendary factions of all time – D-Generation X:

“That to me is the magic of it. When that magic is there, it’s next level. They have that magic. It’s real to them. There’s no show. I think that’s what worked with DX. It wasn’t a show. We were just us. We all got along in that manner. When it’s magic like that, it really works.”

The Undisputed ERA will take on The Kings of NXT inside WarGames at NXT TakeOver: WarGames on Sunday, December 6th live on the WWE Network. We’ll have live coverage of everything that goes down on the show right here at Inside The Ropes.

Credit to FOX Sports for the transcription.