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Triple H Comments On Whether Io Shirai Is Bound For The Main Roster

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Triple H and Shawn Michaels have given their thoughts on Io Shirai potentially leaving NXT, saying that she’s earned the right to do what she wants – even if it’s ‘forbidden.’

At Night One of NXT TakeOver: Stand And Deliver, Shirai’s reign as NXT Women’s Champion ended after 304 days. She was defeated in the main event for the title by Raquel Gonzalez.

Speaking on the post-TakeOver media call, Triple H was asked what was next in the career of Io Shirai. The Game says he doesn’t see any reason the Japanese star would be moving on.

Triple H explained:

“I think there’s always more to achieve. I think, first of all, Io Shirai has the right to do what she wants to do. So to me, if she wants to take time off, she takes time off. If she wants to come back and go after Raquel Gonzalez, she’s earned that right. If she wants to do something else forbidden or any of that, she’s earned the right to do all of it.”

“But it’s an interesting thing here where whenever somebody loses in NXT, they’re so dominant, they’re so big, they’re so whatever, you know, and they have this incredible run. And then all of a sudden there’s a bump in the road. They lose a match. And everybody’s like, ‘well, you know, clearly they’re going someplace else.’ Like, why is that? You know, it’s just a funny thing. Like if somebody loses any place else in the world, nobody goes ‘well they’re going someplace else.'”

“There’s always more to do, there’s always more to proving that you’re the best. There’s the next challenge, the next competitor, the next all of those things. So for me, it’s whatever Io wants to do. But I don’t see that as she lost one match over the last, I don’t know, whatever, three hundred and something days that she’s been champion and all of a sudden she’s just moving on.”

WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels who was also on the call added his thoughts. The Heartbreak Kid noted that the best women’s division in the world is on the black and gold brand.

Michaels stated:

“Well, and for me, I say no one disputes it, right? The best women’s division in all the world right here in NXT. Why in heaven’s name do you go anywhere else but stay here and face the best?”

Night 2 of NXT TakeOver: Stand And Deliver takes place on the ith of April. Headlining the second night of action is Finn Balor defending the NXT Championship against Karrion Kross.