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Triple H Comments On Trey Miguel Not Signing With WWE

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‘The Game’ Triple H has spoken out about why former Rascal, Trey Miguel, has not signed on the dotted line with WWE.

Last week, it was announced that Miguel’s former tag team partners Desmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz were two of the six new names to pen developmental contracts with the promotions after their exit from IMPACT Wrestling.

However, tongues began to wag when Miguel didn’t join his friends and it was soon reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the talent was weighing up his options with offers on the table from both WWE and AEW.

Now, on a post-WarGames media call, Triple H has talked about why the company were only able to sign two of the trio and his thoughts of the type of talent the company peruses. Answering a question from Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc, The Game said:

“I don’t want to talk about why people are or are not here. Obviously, there’s a lot that goes into all of that, but for me, the people that do come here, it’s seeing the heart and the passion. That really comes down to a lot of it. It’s a passion business. You have to be all in. You have to be invested in this, every bit of you, and sometimes I see people that have been in a long time. And it shows that they’ve been in a long time. I don’t know, sometimes that passion isn’t there.”

While Triple H’s words would suggest that he doesn’t believe Miguel’s heart isn’t totally committed to WWE, the offer still remains on the table as of writing.

‘The Cerebral Assassin’ wasn’t finished there. He went on to talk about the talent he signs that are new to the industry and what he expects to see from those he takes under his wing:

“I see people that are new to it, and sometimes I see, ‘oh, they like this, but it’s not everything to them.’ There are times there are people that I see coming into the door now where I just go, man, their passion and their heart, they live, breathe and eat this. When they’re at the PC, every time I see them, there’s a huge smile on their face. It’s the greatest day of their life being in the doors, and training, and getting in the ring with people and learning. Those are the people we want here. That’s not to say anything about the names I mentioned, other than that the people that are here is because of that heart and that passion. Like you said, their future’s bright. There’s a lot more coming in behind them.

Whether that be people that have been in this business for a while or whether that be people that have been dreaming about this their whole lives, now’s the time for them to walk through the doors to try to live their dream. I want to give the opportunity to all of them, and that’s what this is about. So you’re going to see people who you’ve never heard of and you’ve never seen walk through these ropes, and you’re gonna see people that you have heard of and you’re excited to see what they can do next in their careers. We’re gonna make them all stars hopefully.”

It currently unknown when or where we will see The Rascalz make their NXT debut, or if Xavier and Wentz will follow in the footsteps of recent signees and be repackaged with names WWE can own.

Trey Miguel will join either WWE or AEW when he has made his mind up about what is best for his future.

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.