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Triple H Comments On Roman Reigns Heel Turn

Triple H and Roman Reigns shake hands.

Triple H has appeared on the latest episode of WWE The Bump, and among the topics covered, perhaps the most interesting, were his thoughts on Roman Reigns.

Reigns had been absent from WWE programming since April before returning at Summerslam, attacking both Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman. Since his return Reigns has aligned himself with Paul Heyman, won the Universal Title, and embraced a new attitude and persona. Fans had clamoured for years for The Big Dog to turn heel, and now that he has embraced that new side to his character, it feels as though he has found a new level and really mastered his craft. A fact not lost on 14-time world champion Triple H.

“I think what you are seeing now, is the full finished product. And you know, everybody goes through, sort of, evolutions of who they are, what they want to be, what they want to accomplish… When you look at Roman, it’s hard not to think, this guy has, everything possible, to be not only be a star in the WWE but in anything he wants to do.

He looks like a movie star, he’s one of the most athletic guys on any roster. He’s smart, he’s articulate, he’s controlled, he’s composed, he doesn’t get rattled, he doesn’t panic, he doesn’t stress, everything you could want. But it takes a while to develop what is already there.

This is the Roman Reigns that knows what he wants. Has what he wants. Is at the head of the table for his entire family… I love what he’s doing right now.”

After crushing cousin Jey Uso at Clash of Champions Reigns was crowned the ‘tribal chief’ on the following episode of SmackDown. However, he isn’t done with Uso just yet, as the pair will meet inside Hell In A Cell at the pay-per-view of the same name on October 25th.

You can hear Triple H’s comments in full and watch the rest of The Bump below.