Triple H ‘Chuckled’ When WWE Star Said They Wanted To Wrestle

Triple H laughing

Triple H has revealed he had a wry laugh to himself when he found out a current WWE Superstar wanted to compete in the world of pro wrestling.

In his role as WWE Chief Content Officer, Triple H is very much the man in charge of who competes inside a WWE ring. One man that has had that privilege on a couple of occasions and will do again at Crown Jewel is social media sensation, Logan Paul.

Speaking to Insider, Triple H discussed his initial response to Logan Paul reaching out about doing something in WWE, he thought it would go the way it does for most celebrities:

“When it was first brought to my attention that Logan Paul was a huge WWE fan, that they were massively into the product, and had an interest in doing something with us, I have to admit, hey, I chuckled to myself.”

“I thought, if these guys want to come in here, they’re probably going to be like every other celebrity that comes in here with the exception of a few.”

“The first time they hit that mat, the first time they feel physicality, and how absolutely real this is, they would quickly change their mind and realize maybe in the ring is not the place for them.”

Triple H added that as he saw him work out to get in ring shape he was beginning to be impressed but still skeptical, that was until Paul competed in the ring:

“Logan was a guy that came in, talked to us about it, and … he put in the work, on the grind. Every day, he was in the gym. I was getting videos and updates about what he was putting himself through to do this. I was impressed. Still skeptical, but impressed.”

“When I saw him in the ring for the first time, it blew my mind. I saw him do it again after that, and it blew my mind. This is a guy who earned my respect. In this business, I do not give my respect very easily. He has earned that while he is here.”

Logan Paul will have the fight of his life when he challenges Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Crown Jewel in November.