Triple H Comments On Perception He Is Bringing Back “His Boys” From NXT

WWE Triple H

Triple H has spoken about the return of numerous stars to WWE following the retirement of Vince McMahon.

Since Triple H has taken the reigns as both Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Head of Creative, several former Superstars who had been released by Vince McMahon have been re-signed.

Over the past month, ‘The Game’ has been responsible for the returns of Karrion Kross, Scarlett, Dexter Lumis and Dakota Kai among others.

Speaking to BT Sport’s Ariel Helwani ahead of WWE Clash At The Castle, Triple H discussed the notion that it appears as if he is bringing back “his boys” from NXT:

“The whole roster in some way, if you’re gonna look at it that way, almost 95% of our roster came out of NXT right now. There were a lot of people that I thought were really talented. When it came to RAW and SmackDown, it wasn’t up to me if I thought they were talented. It was up to the RAW and Smackdown writing team and Vince if they thought they were talented and wanted to use them for something. If they didn’t, then that was the answer.

If they wanted to use them, Vince’s company, Vince’s show, Vince’s prerogative. If he says, ‘I see this guy, but I see him in a different role. I see this woman, but I see her in a different role. I don’t see this person as talented. I don’t see them as where I want to go’, then that’s his prerogative. “

Triple H commented further, explaining that now it was his time to make decisions on talent and it “doesn’t matter where they came from” :

“Now it’s my time to be able to say ‘No, no. I think this person is talented and I want them here doing this.’ To go down that list, so for me, talent is talent. It doesn’t matter man, doesn’t matter woman, doesn’t matter where they came from, doesn’t matter what route or path they took to get to this business.

Did they start out wanting to do something else and find this later in their life? Did they start out dreaming as a kid that this is all they ever wanted to do and approached it? Talent is talent. If somebody is talented, if I think they can contribute to the product, and I think that creatively we can use them to advance what we do and to make this company bigger and tell better stories, then I want to work with them. It’s as simple as that.”

During the lengthy interview, Triple H also commented on NXT’s creative direction during his absence as a result of a cardiac arrest and he dismissed suggestions of a wrestling war between WWE/NXT and AEW.