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Triple H Asked Former WWE Tag Team To Stop DX “Kicking The Sh*t Out Of Him”

Triple H New Age Outlaws

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Trevor Murdoch has told the remarkable story of Triple H asking him and partner Lance Cade for protection from two unlikely would-be assailants.

Triple H had been closely associated with both Road Dogg and Billy Gunn since 1998. As the now WWE EVP tried to rebuild the group following Shawn Michaels hiatus from the ring he brought in the popular New Age Outlaws to bolster the group alongside Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman.

However, in the following years, things soured between the men and Road Dogg and Gunn reunited in TNA as the Voodoo Kin Mafia. The name of their pairing just so happened to share the same initials as WWE Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon. The two men would go on TV and talk down McMahon and their former partner Triple H. Things were so bad that according to Trevor Murdoch, Triple H was fearful of an attack by his former partners.

Speaking to Tom Campbell on an edition of Desert Island Graps, Murdoch explained the incredible scenario:

“There was a time period when there was a lot of animosity between Hunter and Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. We were in a town wrestling, doing a house show, but it so happened to be the same town that Road Dogg and Billy were doing an autograph signing in, which seemed suspicious in of itself. It got through the grapevine and got to Hunter that Road Dogg and Billy Gunn were going to come to the house show, and when Hunter went in for the main event they were going to hit the ring and beat his ass.”

“The problem with that is, as soon as those guys came through the crowd, people would have popped because they’d have thought it was part of the show. As soon as they saw those guys climb over the railing and begin kicking the sh*t out of Hunter, they would have thought it was part of the show so nobody would have done anything. Hunter would have just been by himself trying to fight off two guys, and people would have thought: ‘Oh look, this is so cool!’”

Triple H’s concern was so great he went looking for the tag team he knew could handle the situation if it went south. This is where Cade and Murdoch came in.

Murdoch continued:

“Lance and I had a reputation in the locker room where, if you’ve seen one, the other one wasn’t that far behind. Cade and I were tight and there were a couple of times we got into a couple of fights because one guy got into a fight and the other one had come in.

“So Hunter tracks me down and goes: ‘Where’s that partner of yours? I need to talk to you both’. We’re expecting some kind of grand advice about our match but he goes: ‘Are you two watching my match tonight?’ We’re young guys so we’re telling him of course we’re watching his match, we watch him every night. And he goes: ‘Yeah quit with this’ and then explains to us the situation and what he’d heard, that Billy and Road Dogg were going to jump into the ring and beat him up.”

“He goes: ‘I want you guys at the curtain and I want you watching my whole match. The minute you see those guys, you hit that f**king ring, and you proceed to start kicking their f**king ass.’ This was very serious. He was very adamant, and we know this is coming from the very top. So Lance and I told Hunter ‘of course’. So Hunter walks off and me and Lance look at each other and we’re like ‘Are we about to fight Billy Gunn and Road Dogg?’ Thankfully, those guys didn’t show up, because we’d have had to go out there.”

Thankfully in later years, the old rifts seemed to have healed with Road Dogg and Gunn joining Triple H and the rest of DX for the group’s WWE Hall Of Fame induction in 2019.

Trevor Murdoch faces Nick Aldis for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title on Sunday, 6th of June at NWA When Shadows Fall available on FITE TV.

h/t Cultaholic for the transcription