Triple H And Shawn Michaels “Marked Out” Watching SmackDown Star

Triple H Shawn Michaels

Triple H and Shawn Michaels are a huge part of NXT’s past and future, so it’s perhaps no surprise that they are huge fans of one of the former Black and Gold brand’s most highly-rated in-ring graduates.

Pete Dunne began training to become a wrestler when was just 12 years old and competed across the independent scene before landing on the radar of WWE fans in January 2017. The would-be star took part in a tournament to crown the first-ever United Kingdom Champion and came up against Tyler Bate in the finals, with both men catching the eye in a match that was praised across the board.

Dunne continued to find success as part of NXT UK and NXT before moving to the main roster in March 2022 under the name Butch. The Birmingham-born star has been a regular part of WWE television ever since as part of the Brawling Brutes with Sheamus and Ridge Holland.

During his time with WWE, Dunne worked alongside British veteran Trent Seven, who has since left the company following the demise of NXT UK.

Speaking during an appearance on the Touching Grass podcast, Seven reflected on his own WWE run and the bittersweet nature of watching both Bate and Dunne find success following his return to the independents. Seven reserved special praise for the man now known as Butch, while lifting the lid on Triple H and Shawn Michaels‘ own love of the star.

“[Butch is] a badass and Triple H sees it,” said the former NXT Tag Team Champion. “I remember sat at gorilla watching Triple H and Shawn [Michaels] watching Pete Dunne and marking [out]. He is that good. That’s the point. Every footage you see of Pete Dunne, he’s working. That’s why he’s just the best.

Go watch any Pete Dunne match. Not even the ones that are globally famous. There’s not one stage of it where he’s not 100% working, dedicated to getting everything he can out of every move, motion, facial, look, the way he walks to the corner. Everything about him is just hyper-concentrated professional performance.”

Triple H Also Has Big Plans For Cameron Grimes

While Triple H might have big plans for Butch in the future, he isn’t the only star who has caught The Game’s eye. It has emerged since his move to SmackDown that Triple H and others backstage are very high on Cameron Grimes and is said to be seen as a “slam dunk” on the main roster.

H/t to WrestlingInc