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Trevor Murdoch Reveals Why He Was Taken Off Of WWE Television

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NWA National Champion, Trevor Murdoch, has orated his belief as to why Vince McMahon removed him from television following his partnership with the late Lance Cade.

When Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade first broke into World Wrestling Entertainment, the pairing harked back to tag teams of a generation long since gone. Cade was the physical specimen who could carry the team on endurance and stamina, while Murdoch was the powerhouse who demolished opponents when his partner was in peril.

The duo soon tasted gold when they usurped Rosey and The Hurricane to capture the WWE World Tag Team Championships on September 19, 2005, at Unforgiven, gold they would taste a further two times during their time as a partnership.

However, during their initial run in the company, Murdoch, who bore a resemblance to Stan Hansen, was withdrawn from WWE television. Sitting down to talk to Bill Pritchard of WrestleZone, the powerhouse talked about how he believes it was his size that Vince McMahon took offense to and what re-gained him his place on television:

“WWE has kind of, what’s the best way I can put it—they’ve ‘normalized’ the fact that a wrestler has to be jacked, cut-up abs, just this beautiful physical specimen, and that every wrestler has to be that way, or they’re not a star. We’ve been conditioned to think that. And that’s because for so long, WWE had a stronghold as being the number one company in the world, Murdoch explained. “There are so many talented wrestlers out there that look their part and that may not be a guy who’s chiseled and has 3% body fat. NWA is a place for guys to go and get over, for guys to go out there and be real.

We were pulled off of TV, and we were throwing ideas to the writers, and every week we were just getting just shot down like, ‘No, no, no.’ And we hit up one of the writers one day and we’re like, ‘We keep giving you guys ideas, you guys are coming up with ideas, who’s shutting us down?’ And they straight up told us it’s Vince.”

Trevor Murdoch then detailed how he and Cade sat down with McMahon one day and argued that it wasn’t right that the pair were being kept off of television when they had the appeal and talent to aid what had become a stale tag team division.

In the end, Murdoch said that it came down to the paleness of his skin and the colour of Lance Cade’s hair that the pair were reinstated to their former role:

“We sat down with him, Lance is on one side, I’m on the other side, and we just asked him outright, ‘The writers are throwing ideas at you, we’re throwing ideas at you, and you keep shooting us down. What is it that you are not happy with when it comes to us?’ And he pulled his glasses down, looked at both of us, and he looked at Lance, who had black hair at the time, and he goes, ‘I hate your fake black hair.’ And he looked at me, and he goes, ‘I don’t like your pasty white skin.’ The next day, I’m tan and my partner’s got bleached blonde hair… Sure enough, Vince gets a picture of it, that next week, we’re on TV.”

Sure enough, Cade and Murdoch returned to WWE television with blonde hair and a more tanned look. However, it was never quite the same and after several splits, the pair parted ways for good in 2008 when Cade turned on his partner.

Trevor Murdoch was released from his WWE contract on July 3, 2008, after being drafted to SmackDown.

Lance Cade passed away two years later on August 10, 2010, at just twenty nine years of age from suspected heart failure. Two months after his death, a staffer of the San Antonio medical examiner said that Cade had accidentally died from mixed drug intoxication.

Credit for the interview and transcription: WrestleZone