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Trevor Murdoch Reveals What Ric Flair Told Him After NWA Title Win

Ric Flair

The new NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch shocked the world at NWA 73 when he ended the 1000+ day reign of Nick Aldis and has now discussed what Ric Flair told him after his historic win.

Wrestling returned to The Chase in St Louis, Missouri for a weekend of jam-packed action as the historic venue played host to both NWA EmPowerrr and NWA 73. The show celebrating the 73rd anniversary of the National Wrestling Alliance was headlined by former WWE Tag Team Champion Trevor Murdoch putting his wrestling career on the line against Nick Aldis who put his beloved Sweet Charlotte up for grabs.

When all was said and done Trevor Murdoch stood proudly as the new NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion after a hard-fought match with Aldis.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Murdoch gave his thoughts on winning the title:

“I am excited, I am tired, I am beat up. But I am happy. don’t know any other way to put it. I am extremely happy. Dreams don’t come true for most people and last night, that was a dream come true. Could not have gotten any better except if Harley (Race) was there with me.”

Trevor Murdoch then discussed the aftermath of the match that saw Ric Flair come out to congratulate the new champion:

“Well first, I didn’t even expect for Ric to come out like that. I was already doing my best to try and not cry, to be absolutely honest with you. And then when I saw Ric there, I was fighting back tears. One of the things I remember is I was emotional, and Ric said ‘you are the champion.’ I popped my head up and that kind of woke me up a little bit out of what was going on in the haze, that I finally did this. And I’m standing in front of the greatest NWA World Champion in the Chase, and I just couldn’t believe it. There have been some pieces, I actually have to go back and watch it, because it was all just a whirlwind of emotions. I’m usually not at a loss for words, because to be honest with you, part of me was expecting to have this conversation about that being my last match.”

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription