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Trent Seven Reveals His Bizarre, Heartwarming Interaction With Undertaker [Exclusive]

When Trent Seven Met Undertaker

Ahead of The Undertaker’s Final Farewell at Survivor Series, many bizarre tributes have been paid to The Deadman.

From Stephanie McMahon sharing her tribute with some of the odd moments she’s shared in the ring with the WWE legend, to Nando’s permanently reserving a table for Taker, and Tyson Fury paying a very special tribute while dressed as The Deadman, it seems like we’re getting a lifetime of bizarre stories and tributes in one week. Of course, when we caught up with NXT UK’s Trent Seven this week, we had to ask if the former NXT Tag Team Champion had met Undertaker, and he shared a very bizarre interaction indeed where he spoke to Undertaker about Japanese wrestling!

“There was one brief meeting where I met the Undertaker and I can’t remember the exact pay-per-view that we were backstage at, but I picked my time and I went over and introduced myself and he was absolutely wonderful. He was so lovely. But very early before, me and Pete and Tyler, and a couple of the other lads, we had been watching some like… Going deep into the realms of YouTube, like the Undertaker’s matches – and we found a match from Japan. And I think it was Zero1.

“It’s going to be around about… Oh, God, I can’t even imagine how many years old, but he fights against Hakushi – or what would be Jinsei Shinzaki – in Japan for Zero1. I spoke to him and it sparked this thing, he just explained to me how incredible it was, they had little bit of a talent share thing going on that Vince had sorted out, he started telling me about the match and it was just wonderful just to be able to have that kind of interaction with him. 30 years of just absolutely unbelievable top-level performance. There’s nothing he hasn’t done. He really is the man.”

Thanks to Trent Seven for taking the time and to WWE United Kingdom for facilitating the chat.

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