Toxic Attraction’s Gigi Dolin Shows Off Brutal Injuries From WWE NXT Attack

Gigi Dolin after being attacked by Jacy Jayne on WWE NXT

Though Toxic Attraction once ruled as dominant over the entire NXT women’s division, the group is officially no more after Jacy Jayne severed ties with Gigi Dolin for good on the latest episode of NXT.

The first blow to the group’s solidarity came due to outside events when leader Mandy Rose was released from her WWE contract the day after losing the NXT Women’s Championship to Roxanne Perez, ending her impressive 413-day reign. It was later reported that she was fired due to content on her exclusive content website becoming increasingly racy, something the company did not support.

Dolin and Jayne continued as a team, however, even claiming that their alliance would hold strong during their triple threat match with Roxanne Perez at NXT Vengeance Day and that they would both be crowned co-NXT Women’s Champions. Their loyalty to one another only held true to a point, though, and during the match they began to fight one another despite their claims. In the end, Perez pinned Jayne to retain her NXT Women’s Championship.

Jacy Jayne Shockingly Attacked Partner Gigi Dolin On WWE NXT

On the February 7th episode of NXT, Bayley made her return to the brand for the first time since 2021 to host a special episode of her talk show Ding Dong Hello. With her arm in a sling as a result of damage from Becky Lynch during their cage match on Raw the previous night, the Damage CTRL leader set to help Dolin and Jayne resolve their issues from the previous night.

Though it looked like Bayley would prove successful as the women raised each other’s arms in solidarity, Jacy Jayne shocked both Dolin and the WWE NXT crowd by superkicking her partner in the face, gloating:

“It was never about us! It was always about me!”

Not finished, Jayne then threw Dolin into the Ding Dong Hello door and kicked her in the face once more, standing tall as Bayley distantly watched the implosion of Toxic Attraction from a chair.

Taking to social media after the show, Gigi Dolin posted a photo of the damage inflicted by her now-former tag team partner, showing a massive abrasion on both her face and chest. In her caption, the star wrote that trauma is the ultimate killer.

Elsewhere on the February 7th episode of NXT, Ilja Dragunov made his return to the brand to attack JD McDonagh and Ava Raine shockingly kidnapped Chase U’s Thea Hail.