Torrie Wilson Banned From Mentioning Former Star In Hall Of Fame Speech

Torrie Wilson entrance

Torrie Wilson has revealed that she received as last minute instruction not to mention a WWE legend in her 2019 Hall of Fame speech.

After becoming a fitness model following high school, Torrie Wilson made her debut on wrestling television in February 1999 where she appeared on an episode of WCW Nitro.

Wilson initially appeared alongside David Flair, before turning on the second generation star and joining forces with Billy Kidman and the Filthy Animals. Although Wilson was released by WCW in December 2000, she debuted in the WWF the following June as part of the invasion storyline as a ‘WCW’ talent.

During this period the star regularly teamed with Stacy Keibler before moving to SmackDown as part of the first-ever WWE Brand Extension in 2002. Over the following six years she was involved in controversial storylines with Dawn Marie and Sable, as well as managing Tajiri and Carlito. While with WWE, Wilson also featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine twice.

After retiring in 2008, Wilson continued to appear sporadically for WWE before being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2019.

However, despite one of her most famous storylines featuring WWE legend Sable, speaking in a virtual signing with The Asylum Wrestling Store, Wilson revealed she was given a last-minute instruction to not “mention her name.”

Despite being married to current WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar, and being one of the most popular female stars in WWE history, Sable is never mentioned on WWE television.

The star debuted with the company in 1996, before her rising popularity saw her win the Women’s Championship and grace the cover of Playboy Magazine. However, she sensationally quit the WWF in 1999 and filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the company citing sexual harassment.

Sable returned to WWE in April 2003 before departing again in the summer of 2004 to spend more time with her family.