Top WWE Talent To Star In Upcoming Film Alongside Batista


Could we see another WWE star follow in the same path of Batista?

PWInsider is reporting that Drew McIntyre is set to star alongside the aforementioned “Animal” in the upcoming action film “The Killer’s Game.” Batista will be playing the leading role of a veteran assassin Joe Flood. On IMDb, the film is listed as an action comedy and the storyline is as follows:

“Follows veteran assassin Joe Flood, who is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and authorizes a kill on himself to avoid the pain that is destined to follow. After ordering the kill, he finds out that he was misdiagnosed and must then fend off the army of former colleagues trying to kill him.”

Along with Big Dave and Drew, other major names set to star in the film is Sir Ben Kingsley and rapper Ice Cube.

Batista & Drew McIntyre Continue The Pro Wrestling Trend In Hollywood

It’s fitting that WrestleMania just took place in Los Angeles as pro wrestling is continuing to leave its mark on Tinsel Town. With the addition of McIntyre, top stars such as Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, John Cena and obviously The Rock are just a handful of WWE names to make their impact on the silver screen. That opportunity isn’t just exclusive to WWE, however, as the AEW World Champion, MJF, is set to be a part of the upcoming “Iron Claw” film about the Von Erichs.

Due to the new gig, McIntyre is scheduled to miss the July 17th and July 31st editions of WWE Raw after just making a memorable return at WWE Money In The Bank.